Thursday, February 18, 2010

A second glance at South End

I stepped back into South End Market this evening to grab a Caesar Dressing for this chicken salad? Anyway...I ran into Zach Scholer, then chatted with his dad, and all I have to say is, "Wow." "Wow, wow, wow." They absolutely loved the article, Ray too, he even sent it to a friend of his that writes for a magazine who liked it as well. My point of noting these events though are not to promote the article, "Students excited about South End Market & Spoon It Up"-read it, get excited ;-) no, my real thoughts lie in the delight I find in making new friends, understanding true sincerity, and learning to joy in the success of others.  

I love South End Market and I love the people who've made it possible. I thank them for their support even though the article wasn't officially "published." They were still grateful, full of encouragement, and inspiring. Have they won a loyal fan and customer? Oh sure. Is that just good marketing and business? No way.. I see the family that lies behind South End as a good, honest, hardworking, humble group. They take the advice of others and they apply it. They know that the store's purpose is to serve the people not just them, and I respect that. It's good to see a person fill a need and it's good to be believed in. I can do this, we all can. The sky's the limit my friends! And we're going all the way!  

They've been working so hard at South End, and to see it all come together after understanding how it came to be is really a blessing in disguise, because now, I can joy in that result as I've sort of fallen into the mix. Life is like magic and I love people.

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