Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gerald: my guitar.

So I played my guitar, Gerald, tonight, and I played my guitar, Gerald, last night. A famous musician played him too. My best friends play him. Little kids pick at the strings and bang on his neck. He doesn't mind, he loves kids.

I don't really like the name Gerald, but I figured, since that's been his name for so long now, it must stay. He likes it, it reminds him of the kid on 'Hey Arnold'. Sometimes I get bored with Gerald, and start thinking about a nice Taylor or Takamine guitar. A 12-string, or even a cheap classical-just for a new sound. But then someone else plays Gerald, and they admire his deep tone and bright smile. He's a good guitar, and I'm glad that the red pick guard first drew me to him. We've been friends for almost 7 1/2 years now. Imagine: just $100 could buy you a great friend.

I played Gerald in an acoustic jam session tonight, with a bunch of pretty sweet musicians. We sang together and shared capos. I love it when creativity unites. I love that I'm listening to "This One's For Andrew" right now, by The Electric Fuzz & The Robot Army. I love that I know Andrew, and the musicians behind that song. I love my life. I love art and music. I love the mind, and I love the soul. I love that I can write this, and I love that Bear is sitting beside me as I do so.

Gerald and I will never stop being friends. I'll keep writing music, and Gerald will keep holding the strings, in-spite of his habit of a much-too-high action.

I love being. 

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