Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Moment Out of The Comfort Zone

I opened the door to the grocery store and stood by the 'grab and go' salads, waiting to speak with the cashier. He hadn't got around to talking with the owners, but called to his Auntie and explained my objective. She welcomed me warmly and proceeded to introduce me to her husband, a tallish man with gray hair and a stony face.

He was not an unpleasant person, but certainly a contrast. Formal and to the point, but impressive. Someone you wouldn't trifle with, and perhaps instead, a well sought ally. The sir agreed to the plan and referred me to an excited associate, who proceeded to write down numbers with a fancy pen on a typical sticky note.

Muriel and I sat with complimentary frozen yogurt, considering the moment. Creme Brulee flavored was well recommended and likewise received. I assuredly give a thumbs up to the latter establishment. And so went the evening. I'm scared to death, but that often comes right before good things.

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