Friday, February 26, 2010

Removing wisdom

Getting your wisdom teeth out is really, no big deal. Getting them out without being asleep? that's no big deal either-promise. Yes guys, it was no big deal, I secretly enjoyed it actually and was thankful that I'm not a squeamish girl either-especially when the dentist said to his assistant, "Scalpel." I was amused actually, and my favorite part was after my headphones had fallen out of my ears and we were on the third tooth. The dentist commented, "the tooth is still attached to some tissue" and the assistant said, "um, she can still hear you" hahaha, oh if I could have giggled at that moment.

If your curiosity is peaked I could explain the procedure to you, but then again, I couldn't feel much, except for those couple of moments that he seemed to be jerking a bit-ick. I did cringe on that last and second to last tooth, they were tricky. The Luxator, apparently is a very useful tool for removing teeth; and I'm pretty positive that he gave me 7 or 8 shots; oh, and wisdom teeth are HUGE. My mouth is finally fairly back to normal and the bleeding has mostly stopped. I watched one drama today set in Ireland, and started a Barbara Streisand film, it was pretty slow though and bored me...Why am I even writing about this?

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