Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging and the point?

      So I was thinking about the purpose of "Pretty much," not to mention its massive list of influenced followers, and suddenly found myself on a mind tangent involving the bus stop, Gina, and the idea of her baking bread.  "Pretty much" after all was a saying directly from the mouth of this un-imaginary friend who's probably spending her day right now in the city I claim as my home...with so many towns having housed me before, but then again, my uncle once told me that "home is where you are" when you're young and adult.  Hmmmm, in any case-back to my point:
      What is the purpose of "Pretty Much"?  Is it a public diary like some blogs?  Poetic thought?  A showcase of photographs?  Though I don't even own a camera, so I guess I'm out of that category.  "Pretty much" then must be an observation of life.  Kind of like a diary then?  Oh, oops.  
      You know I could write about the shapes I see throughout the day, the patterns on the sidewalk, and what they all remind me of.  Now that's creatively unique.  Perfect then- today, "Pretty much" takes a new turn, a stride in time (at least for a week or two), I will observe the patterns and shapes around me and I will write about them.  Psychoanalyze if you like, but I'm positive it really won't mean a thing.    
      And the first observational entry "should" be appearing sometime this evening. 

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