Monday, August 9, 2010


I honestly cannot, can never, hide from the sociologist inside of me; that rare identity I never knew existed until I came across the course description in the BYU catalog two years ago. That weird little quirky side that can't help but analyze and contemplate every social class, group, or gathering. The people somehow thrown together, drawn to each other, inseparable, yet in spite of their perfect sameness so different as individuals they seem, --they are, rather. 

What brings these people together? 

I'm baffled a second time when I realize that stereotypes, no matter how close one may come to fulfilling them, can still be spotted on a random corner at anytime doing something completely ridiculous and out of character. Like the preppie relishing in a Star Trek re-run or the skater secretly stashing the rainbow collection of Express Polos in the back of his closet. I mean are we really what we seem to be? Are we truly what we're labeled as? NO. We're not. And I guess deep down inside, most of us definitely know that, but sometimes we forget. And most of us play to every crowd can't we??