Monday, January 4, 2010

On air travel: 010310

Iconoculture and Anderson Cooper; two unrelated names from an airplane magazine, both related to career fields of interest to me. The airport was extremely empty this evening and the security officer said that I looked confused. I replied with, "oh no, I've just never been in the airport when it's this empty before"--when in reality, I really just wanted to know how the 'Gate' sign could possible read A, B, C, & S...I mean S doesn't even come after C? so why not put it with D, E, F?...but then I learned that this meant South Satellite or something when I took the little subway train.

My lack of car has led me to experience frequent travel by air and the complementary beverages have caused me to choose orange juice or ginger-ale as future habitual airline drinks of choice from now on. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because I like them; and a Thank You!--I shout out to the person who proposed some other snack besides peanuts--probably an allergic. The plane rustles with the opening of cookie and pretzel bags, while I enjoy a cinnamon carbohydrate myself. I have this red purse that sits beside me, as the window seat, 9a, must not have been sold this evening.

I'm not sure why that red bag has decided to go on living, the hand-sewing needle repaired straps holding on for dear life, but it does, and so I carry it whenever I want to appear more feminine. It's huge and just screams "fill me" with its pockets and snaps. As of now it harbors:
-my cell phone
-Alice in Wonderland
-a notebook
-marking crayons
-a wallet
-coin purse and the timeworn leather billfold of my grandmother. I like it because it reminds me of her.
Then of course you'll find some keys, lipstick, headphones, etc. I love that purse, and perhaps my next one will be red too.

The orange juice is almost gone now, and I know we're getting close. I adore flying.

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