Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Shoes

Come thou Fount, is one of my favorite hymns.  I can't wait until it's put back into the hymnal someday, not that I have any special knowledge that it will be, but you never know.  I saw a rip in my sunday shoes this morning.  A sad little tear across the side of the toe.  I was sort of sad, because that meant I had to buy new ones, but glad because then I would get some new ones.  Then I thought about the Christmas of my Freshman year.  I had bought the shoes with my mom from a Target store.  Our family was smaller then.  Next I recall an old boyfriend commenting on the shoes, saying that he liked them, and that they must have been from Target, being the Mossimo brand.  That was several years ago.  He loved shoes.  I like shoes, especially colorful ones.  I also love grilled cheese sandwiches.

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