Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thursday, January 14th, 2010. What's the most exciting thing to happen today? Well, that all depends on your perspective. Some might say, "Why it's the uniting of The Miss Cheryl Slack and Mr. Landon Ford;" while others may turn their heads toward the blue skies and overflowing sunlight. Maybe it's how some people's Thursdays are others' Fridays...and then how Friday has a lot of neat plans all related to the weekend, and a big city--not so big as others I've known, but still a pretty good substitute. I was in Salt Lake a few days ago and decided that I'm just beginning to understand it's beauty and the mysteries of metropolis. I don't know. However one defines anything depends on their perspective and experiences really. I mean, if you were a dog, you'd love the scent of beef, but then again, I'm a human, and I still love the scent of beef...bad analogy, but you get what I mean? Right? Of course you do.

Someday I'd like to become a surfer. Maybe I'd have a lime green wet suit to go with it, cause, not everyone else does...Wind surfing, now that's more like it. I saw a group of wind-surfers this summer off of Jetty Island, near Everett, WA. They were pretty sweet looking. Someday, I will meet them all, and we will surf together. My brother's a surfer, and this I envy slightly. But he's pretty cool, so I guess it's ok.

As far as the-most-exciting-thing-to-happen-today goes, that's all yet to be discovered. I could wake up and find myself in Asia tomorrow morning, and that would be pretty exciting. I'll leave it all to chance and then review/process any events that occur within the next 13 hours.

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