Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Intelligence

I've been thinking a lot about intelligence lately and just now recalled the four papers I need to write. I've decided that I'll do them tomorrow-"you're smart" I said, "you can do it." Then I wondered, does being able to write a paper quickly mean you're smart? I don't think so. Is it understanding complicated mathematical computations? Is it one's vocabulary? Or musical expertise? I'm not sure, actually, I think [d]-all of the above. Intelligence isn't about getting all the answers right, it's about knowing the world around you. Being aware and applying that awareness to further education. I don't get all the answers right in my classes, but Weber did help me to better understand today at least one perspective on Capitalism, at least one different from my beloved Marx-yes, I just said that I love Marx, no, I'm not a communist, but I do appreciate his ideas, anyway... Over the past 5 years of college education I've edited with photoshop, created with illustrator, embraced artistic license, studied human geography, the benefits of sugar, and exercise plans. Took Spanish, Arabic, foreign culture in general, basic Econ-twice, algebra, history, studied with professors, presented in California, even interviewed the families of America. I've dabbled in business and experienced marketing, written music, read a few books. After 5 years, you'd think I'd be done. But honestly, I'm not. 2 more years and that'll make 7 of it all. Am I ashamed? Not so much. A friend told me today that it's no race, and he was right. I like learning. I may not have all the answers, but I do understand and appreciate a little bit of everything and can't wait to taste a little bit more.

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  1. Sariah, I love your writing. You have such a natural way of saying things that makes me feel so comfortable yet still intellectually stimulated. As for this post specifically, you're honestly one of the most inspiring and intelligent people I know because of your perspective and well-rounded-ness. i just love you.