Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aftermath: American Fiction

Aftermath: a song by American Fiction
It's about living and fighting life.  It's crazy, it's hard, it good, it's fantastic.  It's complete. 

To my father:
Thank you for showing me to revere, 
those warriors that fight for our nation;
even when they're own hearts are full of fear.

Here to my mother:
I thank you for pushing me to strive,
for things i never thought i could attain -oh no;
even while others plot and contrite. 

To my sisters:
I thank you for demanding I treat women right; 
cause so many men simply don't, 
and wonder why at night they sleep alone.

To Megan and Katherine:
You were the ones who always believed,
that dreams aren't just meant for conversation;
they need to be lived out and achieved. 

This is:
the apple of my eye
This is:
of eden's fruit 
This is:
the seeds from which i grew
This is:
what i've been through.

And to those: 
Who tried so hard to hinder my path, 
there will be no retribution no wrath; 
what's done is done there will be no aftermath.

For rhis is triumph,
of the dreams we've had!

Oh, this is triumph, 
raise your fist and stand!

For this is triumph 
the rest have over come! 

For this is triumph, 
the righteous have won!

And triumph, is what i've done.

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