Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blanks to spread the jam over

There's something I just love about the sound of cities and busy Provo streets. Is it the cars? The wind? The moon in her hazy glow...a honk, a shout of laughter, the smoke stack shooting steam off from campus while the Bell Tower chimes "come, come ye saints". A car door slams, breaks squeak, and the SWKT just glows. There's some kind of engine off in the distance. The air is warm, and I'm tempted to daydream until morning. This is springtime in Utah: a regular Washington summer. It's 8 months that I wait for these days: 8 months of school. And again, I'm only a week away from the BYU graduation ceremonies that often surround my birthday, or at least I was when I first wrote this--I'd like to graduate on my birthday. Today I reflect on that moment and realize how quickly summer has found me. I comforted a sudden shock with a simple weekly chart I scribbled down on some journal paper this morning-it was some sort of schedule; very basic: work, work, work, FHE, church, just the basic things; you can fill in the blanks from there. And you know, I think we really need those blanks in life, you can't plan every moment in my opinion. Where would be the room for spontaneity without blanks? The freedom to breath, dream, and live? I'm not so sure. We need the blanks to spread the jam over, or perhaps take advantage of as free moments to breath-"one hot minute" as my good friend, Camm likes to say. So I dive into summer; for that's what I like to call spring too (I can't be content with only 1 season). I live 8 months for these days, and I soak them all in-like a sponge. I love my life, and life is good.

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  1. Wow. I love the way you think. And write. I have been thinking lately about the blanks thing and I think you've got it right. so often I feel like i need to be busy--to fill up every spare moment of my time. but I don't and I shouldn't. I don't need to feel guilty for having some empty time do with what i want. I love your refreshing outlook on life. :)